Welcome to Peter Dopplinger Filmgeräteverleih!


When I started buying light and grip in the early 1980ies, I intended to facilitate my life as a lightning technician and create better working conditions for myself. While working on the projects “Winds of War” and “Firefox” I had the chance to get acquainted with equipment that was unknown in Vienna at that time. Over time my enthusiasm for film and light grew steadily, as did my company. Today we are one of Vienna’s leading light and grip rental houses, where we also run a studio.

Even though a lot has changed in the past 30 years my passion for light engineering and innovation and my motto haven’t: “to every problem there is a solution”.

– Peter Dopplinger

Peter Dopplinger FGV specializes on the RENTAL of film equipment – light, grip, dollies, cranes, generators – and has been in that business for the past 30 years. We stock leading brands as well as tools from our on-site production. We offer the complete handling of your project including transportation and the procurement of a competent and reliable lightning team.

Furthermore our facility in Huglgasse 8, 1150 Vienna, includes a STUDIO (144 m2) which you can rent.

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